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TK102B GPS Personal Tracker

This product is based on GSM/GPS network and GPS satellite positioning system, through the short message or contact each other the remote target location or monitor.

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1.Proper insert GSM card and install battery.

2.Press turn on button for 4 seconds, device will flash at 2 seconds, put device outside. 

3.Around 50seconds, dialing device number, it will hang up and reply tracking message with valid Long and lat stands for device can work normal.

4.If need track online system, send 2 SMS connects to platform as below:

SMS 1: #IP#123456#

SMS2: #apn#123456#APN of operator#APN user name#APN password#

5.Login platform to track in real time(please check Platform user manual in CD).

 Free GPS Tracking System Real-time Car Personal GPS Tracker TK102B With TF storage & SOS alarm    



[ How to use our GPS trackers to track your vehicle or child in time ? ]


1. Use your mobile to call device number in tracker, it will reply a google link shows as below:







2. Input Latitude & longitude from message on Google earth software or Googl map etc, it will show the currecnt location .


3. Tracking by our gps tracking software:

1.  Brief Info


Working Based on existing GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellites, this product can locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS or GPRS. TK102B is designed for compact and easy using for personal and vehicle tracking, with built-in GPS and GSM module to capture GPS data send to the authorized mobile number by SMS, it can show the current location on phone or tracking the location on Google earth or Google map. Moreover, GPS data can be transmitted by GPRS to Internet server so that realize real time tracking on computer. TK102B with voice surveillance function by dialing the device number by your mobile to monitor the voice.


2.  Application- Personal gps tracker


l        Vehicle rental / Fleet management etc

l        Protect child / the old / the disabled / pet etc

l        Provide peace-of-mind for businessmen

l        Manage personnel

l        Track criminals secretly

l        Magnetic cover and waterproof bag for hidden tracking


3.  Product Functions


A, Real-time tracking : know your car location anytime anywhere

B, Continuous tracking: send a tracking data every 30s

E, Geo-fence: device will send alarm once exceed the designed geo-fence 

F, Movement alarm: device will send alarm once car exceed the designed place when it keep stay at a place 

H, Speeding alarm: device will send alarm once driving speed exceed the value\

I, SOS alarm: it will send alarm if press the SOS button\

K,Support TF card to storage data when there is no GSM signal 



4.  OEM Service & Delivery


1. OEM Service :  Shenzhen CanTrack Company can do OEM & Customized Service with your design / LOGO/Company Info etc.

2. Delivery Time: Goods will be sent within 3 days as soon as payment arrive us.

3. Delivery Method: DHL,Fedex,EMS,UPS,Aramex etc.



1.  How to use the GPS Tracker ?- Personal gps tracker 
Re: Prepare an common GSM card can make device to work.


2.  Does the GPS can work anywhere ?
Re: Yes, if places has GSM GPS signal, our device is quad band 850/900/1800/1900MHz.


3.  How to track my car ?
Re: by sending SMS or online tracking system If track on our web, please send the IMEI number to us for adding in server.


4.  Can I use my own tracking system and server ?
Re: Yes, we can share the device protocol for free.


5.  Can I get an admin account that can create subsidiary account for my customer ?
Re: Yes, no problem.


6.  Can I make my own company LOGO and design on device case or color box ?
Re: Yes, if for customize box: MOQ 500pcs; if for customize device case : MOQ 200-300pcs depends on model.


7.  How long is the warranty? 
Re: 12 months